15 FREE self-vacuum spaces available for your use!

Our guarantee is simple. You must be satisfied or we'll re-wash your vehicle, FREE! Our people are recruited and trained with the emphasis on Quickie"s philosophy of "The customer is the boss!"


Super Safe


Can you wash my vehicle?

Absolutely. While we do have certain restrictions on what we can and can’t safely wash, we continually strive to provide our customers with the best car wash technology available to deliver a clean, dry, shiny vehicle, and the peace of mind that their vehicle will not be damaged during the process. In fact, in many ways, washing your vehicle at Quickie’s is safer than washing it at home by hand.

Vehicles We Can’t Wash

  • Extended Height Full Size Vans if they exceed 94”
  • Trucks with Dual Rear Tires
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed tri-pod style mirrors
  • Full Size H1 Hummers
  • Open bed pickup trucks with fuel tanks
  • Open bed pickup trucks with debris, tools, or any other loose materials
  • Trucks or vans with ladders
  • Vehicles with large ladder racks
  • Vehicles that sit 4.5" or lower to the ground
  • Vehicles with tires wider than 12"
  • Vehicles taller than 91"

Vehicles Washed at Own Risk

  • Previous Damage (loose molding / emblems, blistered or peeling paint, etc.)
  • Cracked Windshields
  • Low Profile Tires
  • Objects on Antennas (balls, flags, etc.)
  • Power antennas that won’t lower.
  • Ski and Bike Racks
  • Large "Knobby" Tires
  • Racing Fins and Spoilers

Why don’t you clean the inside?

To satisfy the demand for a fast, high quality car wash, our car wash is an “Express” car wash, which means we provide a shiny clean car in about 5 minutes. For our customers who have a bit more time, we offer self-service vacuum stations.

How do you get the vehicle so dry if no one is drying the vehicle as it exits?

We have invested in new equipment and top of the line products. Both the products we select and the technology we use results in a dryer vehicle.

Do I get a quality wash when you’re really busy?

YES! Our tunnel is equipped with top technology allowing us to provide a quality shine every time regardless of how busy we are.

How often should I wash my car at Quickie’s?

It depends. Personal preference, where you drive your vehicle, and where you store your vehicles are just a few of the variables that you must take into consideration. The International Car Wash Association recommends that if your vehicle is subjected to contaminants such as pesticides, sand, salt, and industrial fallout that the vehicle be washed weekly to protect your vehicle's delicate finish. In seasons or climates where there are less harmful elements a wash every two weeks should be sufficient.

How often should I get the Q HydroPel Total Body Protection?

Q HydroPel designed to protect today's vehicles clear coats. When used regularly, it will help keep your vehicle looking new. We recommend that you use this product at least every 2 washes for ultimate protection and shine.

How do you create the spot-free water?

Quickie’s uses a system called Reverse Osmosis to make its spot free water. With this system highly pressurized water is pushed through semi-permeable plastic membranes that trap solids such as calcium and magnesium. It is these naturally occurring solids that cause the white crusty spots on your vehicle if left to dry on its own when you wash your car at home. Prior to being pushed through the membranes water travels through a commercial grade water softener and a carbon filter to remove chlorine and oxidizing agents that will cause harm to the very sensitive membranes. After the water has traveled through the R.O. system it is stored in (4) 1200 gallon tanks and sprayed on your car as it goes through.

Working at Quickie’s looks like it would be a lot of fun. How do I apply for a job?

Quickie’s is always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join its wash tech team or its management training system. Wash techs enjoy a fast paced and exciting atmosphere guided by professional and caring management. Applications can be picked up at any Quickie’s location or on-line at our website, fill it out and bring it back to the location nearest you.